No matter what level or stage you are at in your fitness journey, we guarantee you will love our classes!

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Pole Basics

Start your pole journey in this class! Build a strong foundation by learning proper warm up techniques, hip openers, dance basics, safe stretching, simple spins, easy transitions and beginner grips & holds.

Pole Progressions

This class will build on what you learned in Pole Basics, and is also for anyone requiring a refresh of basic skills and techniques. You will start to combine basic pole dance techniques through freestyle dancing, spins, transitions and floor work.

Exotic Flow

A class to dance your heart out and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Combine your knowledge of pole basics and pole progression and make it your own! Explore the sexy side of things and new combos and get to know how they work for you as a dancer.
Pre Requisite: Pole Progressions or equivalent beginner pole dance experience. Heels, knee pads and leg warmers encouraged!

Pole conditioning
(All levels)

One hour of total body conditioning to get those muscles pole-ready! This strength-based class conditions your body by using a combination of interval and circuit training techniques. Prepare to push your limits and see your body respond quickly to this amazing and satisfying form of fitness! All levels welcome.

Pole Inversions

This class is for students who are ready to take on the challenge of going upside down on the pole! Learn proper inverting techniques, lifts and get introduced to leg hangs. You will also work on spins and spin combos while making sure to perfect them on both sides. Newcomers will have an instructor spotting them and will work on our 5" crash mats until the instructor approves the student working on her own. Students must wear shorts or skorts for inner thigh connection with the pole.
Pre Requisite: You must have consulted with a Pole Progressions instructor to join this class.


For those who have mastered inverting and are ready to enhance their Geminis, Butterflies and Scorpios. Your confidence and strength will soar to new heights. You will experience lots of “YES, I just did that!” moments with fellow students cheering you on and celebrating your achievements!
Pre Requisite: Pole Inversions with instructor's approval to advance. You must be inverting confidently and have mastered your inner thigh grip.


This class is designed to prepare and condition the Intermediate dancer for advanced moves and take the Advanced dancer to new heights! Discover new moves and perfect the ones you already know. Everything is a step by step process, we break it down for you to help you achieve your goals. There is no such thing as "I can't!" - only a matter of when! 

Pole Trix

This class is tailor made for a pole dancer’s thrill factor! We focus on specific moves and sequences that require a little more attention, effort, and one-on-one instruction. Working on new goal oriented moves and those "nemesis" moves guarantees you will feel that rush!
Pre Requisite: Must be confident doing pole sits, inversions and outside / inside leg hangs.

Hot Seat
(All levels)

The ultimate butt-kicking class! A full-body workout with a splash of chair dance. You'll never look at a chair the same way again. Expect lots of sweat in this hour!

Sexy Flexy
(All levels)

An intensive stretch class designed to isolate, elongate and strengthen all those muscle groups that are required in a pole dancer. After all your hard work in the other classes this class provides balance.

Ballet burn
(All levels)

Plié, relevé and sauté your way to a full body workout! This class is a combination of ballet techniques, Pilates and yoga while using light weights or resistance bands. Designed by a certified Barre Instructor, this class is guaranteed to make your muscles smile.

Crazy Sexy Floor
(All levels)

Floor class is designed to work on movements, transitions, and a choreography dance. Learn smooth transitions, and a sexy workout. This is an off the pole class. Bring your heels, leg warmers, and kneepads. Beginner level welcome!

(All Levels)

A different spin on your regular relaxing hammock by the doc.  Let us show you how to stretch, invert and get you all twisted in these hammocks as you hang from the ceilings.